Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get $50 Bonus with ING when Using me as Your Referral

ING Direct Canada is doing it again...Say you're new to ING, you're thinking of setting up a savings account with them and can get started with at least $100, then you get a free bonus. Invest on your own and get $25. Invest through a friend (i.e. referral), and get $50. Both options are good, but the second one is twice as good. :)

Note the $50 is a special promotion, offered until Aug 31, 2012. And both the existing client (the person who referred - let it be me!) and the new client (you) will get the $50 bonus. (You can never say 'the $50 bonus' too much, can you? :) Note the ING savings account currently pays 1.35% interest.

My orange key, or the special referral code you will need to mention to get the $50 bonus is 13845115S1.

That's 13845115S1, and it's still valid.

To get started, go here: (that's: > tab Savings > click on Enroll Now button under Investment Savings Account). At the end of the first page you should enter my Orange key: 13845115S1. Next, follow ING instructions. You will basically need to mail them a cheque with your initial investment. Once they process your cheque, we both get the bonus!

For more information go here:


Note, also until Aug 31, 2012, there is an offer now to make $75 if you can also set up an automatic savings plan of $100 monthly for at least six months. Read more in my more recent article.

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