Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make Your Own Diaper Stacker for Under $5

I've seen many diaper stackers in baby stores and I've always thought how easy it must be to make one. That's why their expensive price ($30+) was always rather shocking to me, especially since they're rather nice-to-have, not a must-have in a nursery.

My stacker might be perhaps smaller than most, but it works for our needs. It holds up to two dozen diapers of different size (for both daughters). It is made from:

- a wire hanger (the kind you get from your dry cleaner),

 -a fabric strong enough that it doesn't tear under the weight of diapers (mine is upholstery type on the front and back and lighter fabric on the sides (I didn't have enough fabric to keep it the same everywhere.)
- a strong and sturdy cardboard. This is probably its most important piece as it needs to keep the bottom strong and flat. I reused the plastic stripe that served as a bottom of an old bag of mine. (I always take valuable pieces from bags that I'm about to discard.)

Note that I wrapped the ribbon around the hanger so that it looks nicer.

The process:
- Start by doing the base. Cut two rectangles, sew three sides, reverse and insert your plastic or cardboard piece that will reinforce the base or bottom of your diaper stacker. Sew the fourth side.
- For the back, cut one large rectangle, making sure the bottom edge will match the wider side of the stacker bottom. For the front, cut two rectangles that, when put together, will match the back. Note that I reinforced a side of each rectangle with another fabric to have a stronger opening. I also added a stripe on top for the same reason.
- For diaper stacker sides, cut two tall triangles whose sides will also need to match your existing pieces: front, back and shorter side of the base.

Basically, the diaper stacker pattern looks like this:

You are free to come up with dimensions that will work for you. I used 13 x 18 inches, which was enough for wipes and plenty of diapers.  This stacker is strong enough to keep both. It took me about 1/2 hr to make it. So far, it has served us 2+ years, and I expect another 2 years or so of service, until my younger daughter is potty trained.

DIY diaper stacker, $0:

Now compare with
Confetti Diaper stacker by Sweet Kyla, $42

Zoo-Teeny Diaper stacker, $35
or Toys'R'us:
Kids Line Diaper Stacker - African Dreams, $30
Save (do-it-yourself) or splurge (buy)? You decide.


  1. How many Yrds. of each fabric did you start with for this project?

  2. Depending on the size of your stacker, you may need half a yard or less. You really just need pieces of fabric in your size (e.g. 30 x 40 cm for the back and so on). If you have any leftovers of a nice strong fabric, and can put together 6 pieces (back, bottom, two sides and two front pieces), you don't need to buy any new yardage.

    Happy sewing!

  3. You show that you used a slanted hanger so how did you get it straight along the top?