Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make a Halloween Princess Costume Under $10

Last year I would often go to Indigo/Chapters close to my work and admire this pink tunic by Great Pretenders. They must have pulled it since, as I haven't seen it in a while. But I found the picture of the costume online.

Here is my inspiration:
Forest Fairy Pink Tunic, $34:

To make my version of it, I used mostly fabrics and ribbon that I had at home. Others, like the silver fabric, were purchased at the Fabricland in the leftovers section, as I needed very little of it. It cost me less than $10 to make the whole thing.

Fabrics used:
- silver fabric for the front and back
- light pink organza fabric for the skirt area. You need two strips (front and back), both cut in zig-zag shape at the bottom
- tulle to add ruffle-like look (two layers, also cut in big zig-zag at the bottom, attached over the organza fabric)
- grosgrain ribbon
- ready-made flowers purchased at H&M on big sale for $1 each. Dollarama should have acceptable selection of flowers, too.

Note there are no sleeves and front and back parts are tied at hips with the grosgrain ribbon. In fact, the whole costume looks like an apron with similar front and back parts. Very successful approach for a costume. I find it makes easy both the sewing part and putting the costume on.

Here is the end result. I find it is a bit clumsy, but feel it was still a successful project when I see my daughter having fun wearing it, Halloween or not.

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